Saturday, December 4, 2010

Get the Kids Geared Up for Nonfiction Reading with National Geographic for Kids Resources!

      National Geographic for Kids is a fantastic series of nonfiction books and reference resources from National Geographic.  These various kid friendly articles and photographs can be tied into content area studies as well the teaching of specific nonfiction reading strategies. What a great way to tie in technology and researching skills, too!

This is the main website link:

Recent M.W. Book Room Acquisitions:

National Geographic for Kids - Great Migrations Readers (on the 5th grade shelf) sets of 10

National Geographic for Kids - Easy Readers (2nd and 3rd grade shelves) sets of 8 (except for Penguins, which is a set of 16 that is great for whole class nonfiction shared reading lessons)


     Great news! We currently have acquired 16 copies, and I was able to order eight more to make a set that is a total of 24. Soon, any teachers in grades 2-5 will be able to check this set out for whole and small group lessons using the almanacs!

                                         National Geographic Kids Almanac 2011 by National Geographic: Book Cover

Magazine Articles:
      These archived, high interest articles are perfect for nonfiction, short read alouds on a specific subject area using the classroom computer projector. There is also an option for listening to the articles being read aloud to a viewer, which can be set up with headphones at the computer classroom pod. 

Additional features for more learning and exploring:
A Few Examples of Teachers Using National Geographic for Kids in Reading and Writing:

      Recently, third grade teacher Ms. Katie Schultz has started using the online student magazine articles to share with her students on how to read nonfiction online and how to search for kid safe, specific content within the website's search engine. Her students are doing independent animal research projects inspired by both their recent visit to the Virginia Living Museum and their explorations of various quality nonfiction trade books. They are getting really excited about the sense of independence that they are experiencing!

     Another example of a recent incorporation of a NGK source is from a fifth grade writing and geography teacher. Ms. Sarah Creamer was so excited to use the newly acquired 2011 almanacs that she saw I had just received! She had her students explore the books by having them respond on sticky notes and share with peers what they had discovered on their exploration. They wrote:

  • When would you use an almanac?
  • Describe some of the things you notice about the text.
  • What are some interesting facts that you found?
      As you can see from the photo, they exploded and didn't want to stop at the end! :) Ms. Creamer used that excitement to help motivate the students with their current geography research projects that they started after their exploration. Here is the online preview of the 2010 NGK Almanac that is available on Google Books. If you "flip" through this version, you can skim and get a feel for the setup of the text. The kids really enjoyed them!

I would enjoy hearing about your creative ideas and success with one of these nonfiction print or online resources for NGK. Please leave a comment, and I would be happy to share your savvy ideas!

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