Monday, December 13, 2010

The Newly Updated, Interactive Magic Tree House Website is Launched!

      Hi fellow readers! If you haven't seen the newly revamped Magic Tree House website, be sure to check it out! Kids who are Magic Tree House fanatics will love the interactive updates to the site. Check out this YouTube clip that shows an overview of the new features.

      The actual website opens with Jack and Annie chatting with the viewer, and then the child is invited to tag along on an adventure. Kids start earning "medallions" after successfully answering questions that come from the books.  I love that kids are encouraged to type notes in a notebook, too. There are also videos from Mary Pope Osborne where she answers questions from children. These fast paced adventures that blend fantasy and facts (in most of the stories) are a favorite chapter book series for a reason. :) Also, explore the nonfiction research guides that compliment the adventures!

      You can preview sample portions of all the books from the Magic Tree House series (numbers 1-28), the Merlin Missons (numbers 29 and ongoing), and research guides here.

     Here is their teachers page. I picked a few examples of ones that are fun but can also be related to studies explored in 2nd and 3rd grade.

                                                   Product DetailsThe newest additions that come out next year can be seen on #45 A Crazy Day for Cobras, a Research Guide on Snakes and Other Reptiles, #46 Dogs in the Dead of the Night, and a Research Guide on Dog Heroes.

     Don't you just love sneak peeks of upcoming books in a series? Have fun and let the kids know about it! :)

     For an additional link, here's a video of an interview of Mary Pope Osborne which is posted by Reading Rocket's resourceful website.

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