Monday, December 6, 2010

Highlighting Professional Texts: The Daily Five and The Cafe Book from "The Sisters"


   The Daily Five and The Cafe Book are best selling practical professional development books from Gail Boushey and Joan Moser.  You will also see these ladies often referred to as "the sisters." Through the generosity of our grant funds towards staff development materials, I was able to secure 8 copies of the popular Daily Five, as well as a copy of The Cafe Book! Currently, there are still five copies available of The Daily Five for borrowing from my reading resource room. If you haven't borrow a copy, come on by and you can explore it at your own convenience all school year!

The Daily Five revolves around five components to a literacy block:
  • Read to Self
  • Read to Someone
  • Listen to Reading
  • Work on Writing
  • Word Work
       These are already the foundational components of our literacy program in the primary grades at MW. However, it's great to refer to a source for that bit of inspiration and a spark of thinking to make what we do great even better! :) It's like having a conversation with a colleague that gets your way of thinking about best practices when you read their books, since they are very conversational in tone.

      Although "the sisters" website is primarily for paying subscribers, they do provide some free resources that you can find through the links below.

      The Daily Cafe's public and free archive link is here:

      One of the free resources available on the Cafe site is a PDF file of the "Cafe Menu."

      On their other site, "The Two Sisters" have an archive of information as well that is worth exploring as well.

      You can sign up on the main page for the free weekly emails from the authors. This link takes you to the Daily Cafe's archives of their weekly emails:

     You can preview the text The Daily Five online by clicking here to go to Stenhouse publisher's official website. Also available through Stenhouse is their second book, The Cafe Book, which you can preview by clicking here. These books are all about teaching smarter, not harder. They are very popular with classroom teachers across the country for their blend of best practice and practicality in application!

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