Saturday, December 11, 2010

Pioneer Valley - Dufresne's Useful Information on Early Literacy

      One of our favorite companies that creates little books is Pioneer Valley. In this link, author and early literacy expert Michele Dufresne writes a great article about guided reading for beginning readers in first post in a series. In the "Part 2" post, Dufrense discusses in detail her helpful advice on selecting appropriate books for instruction. In her "Part 3" post, Dufrense shares about effective book introductions.

     Michele Dufresne includes this link of this helpful video clip from the Reading Recovery Council of North America's website. It discusses assessment, taking running records, and observation of reading behaviors. Dufresne also provides a helpful link to this concise summary of what running records are about from Rapid City Schools.
     You can also check out the Pioneer Valley catalog. Books from Pioneer Valley are typically used by at our school for Reading Recovery and some ELL instruction. It is nice to see the quality catalog! Be sure to flip through the sample books online.

Bella and Rosie are Cute     Bella and Rosie are two of Dufresne's dogs that star in a popular series from Pioneer Valley. I have seen many students eagerly enjoy following the adventures of Bella and Rosie in books at various reading levels. You can download a few free books, sign up for a monthly calendar from Bella and Rosie, and even follow them on Facebook and Twitter. (Really! Too cute!:) I also love her spin off series on Yorkie puppies Daisy and Jack that have also joined their family. These little books are humorous and adorably photographed! Thank-you Michele Dufresne for your wonderful contributions to reading and helpful links for teachers to explore!


  1. Thanks so much for sharing my post with your readers. Glad you found the information useful. It is true in the early days Pioneer Valley Books were almost exclusively used by Reading Recovery teachers. I am pleased to report that Pioneer Valley now has an extensive line of books that are being used by kindergarten, first- and second-grade classroom teachers, as well as special education and ELL teachers. Good books should be shared by everyone!

  2. Thank-you Michele! I'm a sincere fan of your work, and I wanted teachers to see your great and informative links! Keep up the fantastic work! One of my favorite things hanging in my room is my "Read with Rosie" poster that you offered free on your Facebook fan page earlier this year! I have a Yorkie as well, and I adore Jack and Daisy! :) Happy holidays to you and your sweet dogs!