Sunday, November 28, 2010

Writing Teacher David Stoner's Great Collection of Inspiration for You!

      Hi MW! This is a writing site that you MUST save to your "favorites" and bookmark on your computer! It doesn't matter your grade or years of experience. :) There is something for everyone on this site that was created by teacher David Stoner. He is the co-director of Indiana University Southeast Writing Project. Stoner is truly passionate about sharing his knowledge and experiences on best practices in writing with other educators.

David Stoner:

Here are just a few examples of the many lessons and inspirations that you can unearth on this site:
      Stoner recently revamped and updated his site. I still find interesting sparks on the site, and it's been a "favorite" for awhile. :) Enjoy exploring!

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  1. Thanks for introducing your blog on ECNing and for sharing this great resource. I often find myself referring to "sparks" for creativity etc when I'm writing for my blog, and love to find inspiration for reading, writing and learning!