Friday, October 15, 2010

Website for Inspiration: Writing Fix's 2010-11 Writing Mentor Texts of the Year

      This year, WritingFix's writing mentor texts of the year are based on the theme of writer's notebooks.  Marissa Moss, of the well known Amelia series, shows a kid rendition of notebooks in a trade book format. There are currently over 15 books in the Amelia series. She also did a spin-off with a boy as the main character named Max. In addition to her realistic and humorous Amelia and Max books, she has written a few historical fiction journals such as the colonial Emma's Journal, as well as others occurring in pioneer times, during the Great Depression, as an immigrant to America, and even Ancient Rome. 

Writing Fix - from the Northern Nevada Writing Project:
Writing Mentor Texts of the Year Main Page

In addition to compliment this year's feature:

Here is Marissa Moss's website link, which is very kid friendly:

Marissa's blog about writing is located at this site:

Some inspiration for planning with Marissa's books are available on this page of her website:

Other trade books that compliment this format are Three Days on a River in a Red Canoe by Vera B. Williams and Dilly's Summer Diary by Cynthia C. Lewis.

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