Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Quick Pic: Growing Collection of Golden Threads from Mrs. Bush's Class!

      I enjoyed a little treasure when sprinting down the hallway today. On Mrs. Bush's door, she has posted a growing collection of great lines from her students and their writing. Mrs. Bush and I refer to these gems as "golden threads." Students are inspired by mentor texts and authors from class reading and writing mini-lessons.

      Now, Mrs. Bush's students are role models to each other, sharing their creativity and depth of thinking. Once it starts, the excitement spreads in the classroom reading and writing community. I'm so glad that I glanced and caught one of the numerous reminders in our fabulous school of teachers nurturing real readers and writers. :)

     If you would like a perfect fall book as a mentor text for crafting writing like Mrs. Bush's students, check out Cynthia Rylant's Scarecrow. You can extend the learning with a text to text comparison to Tim Preston's The Lonely Scarecrow.

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