Sunday, October 24, 2010

Nonfiction Author Study: Gail Gibbons

      Teachers, I'm sure that you are familiar with author Gail Gibbons. She has written and illustrated dozens of picture books on true single topics, such as hurricanes, vegetables, bats, and pumpkins.

     This is the link to her official website's main page:

     Here is one of the Teacher's Guides that's available on her website as a download that you can just open or you can save it. (You can open the cover separately, which is in color, but this is the part with ideas in it.)

     This second Teacher Guide, called "Explore the World of Science with Gail Gibbons," is newer:

     Sharing books from Gail Gibbons is a way to read text and practice summarizing the most important ideas in your own words. Have some fun exploring her newest books in the Media Center! Mrs. Wilson and Mrs. Pauley will be happy to show her some of her selections in their library collection. :)

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