Monday, October 25, 2010

Quick Links for Visualizing and Creating Mental Images

     Visualization is one of the highlighted topics for mini-lessons and guided reading group discussions. It is important for readers to visualize the text they read. Readers take the given information to create a moving mental picture in their imaginations based on the descriptions and details given in the story. Readers have to use what the author does state to figure out what the author does not explicitly state. This includes using clues like the character's body language and their actions and reactions to other characters and events. It is important that students become able to explain what they imagined in their own written and oral language.

     Some ways of discussing what you visualize as a reader includes:
  • I imagined...
  • In my mind, I saw...
  • I visualized...
  • I pictured... 

Here are just a few handy sites to further inspire and expand your great planning! 

     Karen McDavid's "Our Class Web" gives planning inspiration with graphic organizers, poems good to read aloud to promote the formation of strong mental images, and a list of trade books that are suggestions to support visualizing.

     This mini-chart lists components to teach for Visualizing and Creating Mental Images. It was also created by Karen McDavid.

     Reading Lady - Visualizing Mini-Chart
Reading Lady

     Reading Lady - Visualizing using Charlotte's Web
Charlotte's Web

     Enjoy exploring, and email or post if you find some other interesting choices as well! :)

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