Sunday, November 7, 2010

Blogs to Check Out on Science Tradebooks

     I'll continue to post quality links for planning, inspiration, and resources in relation to content area reading throughout the school year in support of the literacy team's nonfiction focus for our staff development. The first blog, called Wild about Nature Writers, has great suggestions for wonderful nature related books that are both narrative and expository in their style of writing. The second blog, Simply Science, reviews a wide variety of science books. It also gives some practical suggestions for teaching with the text and topic.

     I'm certain that Mrs. Wilson and Mrs. Pauley can guide you to some of the selections mentioned in this blog right in our own media center. Also keep in mind that our fantastic Williamsburg Regional Library is just a couple blocks down the street, which makes for a perfect stop on the way home. It's easy to look online on the the card catalogs for either place to save you hunting time. You can always send me (or the whole staff) an email asking if someone owns a particular title, too. Use technology to help you teach smarter, not harder! :) You are all such a tech savvy staff! Also, remember that blogs can be subscribed to by clicking the orange square at the top in the toolbar on your home computer. Then, you'll have all the blogs you are interested in bookmarked and you can keep up with them on one page! :)  

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