Sunday, March 3, 2013

Mentor Text - Library Mouse: A Museum Adventure

Library Mouse: A Museum Adventure 
Written and Illustrated by Daniel Kirk
Abrams Books for Young Children, 2012

    Here is the newest addition to the Library Mouse series written and illustrated by Daniel Kirk. These are a few ideas on how you can use the book in an instructional manner. 
  • Characters who read and write
  • Characters who research and are curious learners
  • Genre: a blend of fantasy and adventure
  • 4th installment in the Library Mouse series from Daniel Kirk
  • Compare and contrast to other books in the series
  • Writing traits: ideas, sentence fluency 

Bonus links:
  • You can let children explore some of the activities that are available on his official website.  One cute little extension for younger students is a printout of a "book" from Sam the mouse.
  • Check out the official book trailer from Daniel Kirk on YouTube! You can show your students Daniel Kirk working on some of the illustrations and hear him explain a bit about Sam and Sarah's adventure in this book.  

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