Saturday, November 3, 2012

Writing Fix - Mentor Texts of the Year 2012-13

     Northern Nevada Writing Project has a fantastic writing resource website called Writing Fix. I highly recommend that you bookmark and explore this site. It is an extensive collection of information on Six Traits concepts, mentor texts, journaling, writing prompts, and so much more.

     The mentor texts for the 2012-13 school year have been announced by the staff at Writing Fix. This year, the two books are The Boy Who Loved Words by Roni Schotter and illustrated by Giselle Potter (Schwartz & Wade, 2006) and Vocabulary Unplugged by Alana Morris (Discover Writing Press, 2005).


      The Boy Who Loved Words is a picture book about a boy named Selig who relishes in collecting words. It is a good text to support the trait of word choice during a mentor text lesson as part of a writing workshop session. Schotter's book can also show how to spice up your writing pieces during the revision stage of the writing process. In addition, the text can be used to exemplify how to use context clues to figure out large vocabulary words within a story.

      You can download a PDF Teacher's Guide from Random House for The Boy Who Loved Words.  There is more information available about the book through the Parents' Choice Award Website as well.

      Sign up here for the Writing Lesson of the Month email from the Northern Nevada Writing Project/Writing Fix. Interesting lesson ideas for teaching elements and traits of writing. (Some of the lessons deal with music, which would apply better to an older student demographic, but many lessons deal with mentor texts.) 

    You can also read an older post about a previous fall's WritingFix's Mentor Text of the Year by clicking here.

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