Saturday, April 2, 2011

Links for National Poetry Month - Part 1: Favorite Poetry Authors!

     I love to share the emotions, laughter, and smiles of poetry with students during April as National Poetry Month! Poetry should certainly have a home in classrooms throughout the 
year. I have witnessed teachers using poetry for a variety of reasons, ranging from fanciful fiction to non-fiction selections which illustrate with words descriptive visuals for students to absorb. I have always enjoyed marinating in the precisely picked language. When I taught in the classroom, I enjoyed inviting students to find a poem to share or to pen one of their own to help open up our special bonding time of interactive read aloud. What a great way to practice savoring language and reading fluently, without speeding through at the speed of sound? :)

     Here are a few of the sites from favorite children's poetry authors to further gear up the children about poetry. Check them out, and have fun exploring the richness of language when presented in the petite package of a poem!

Jack Prelutsky  - Here the former National Children's Poet Laureate Prelutsky presents a super appealing website for kids.

Giggle Poetry - which includes interviews and ideas from children's poets - great to share inspirations on author's and their crafting with the students :)

Kristine O'Connell George - This author has generously posted "Poetry Aloud!" where many of her own poetry works from her published books are available for your downloading and enjoyment. As she says, "Poetry is meant to be read aloud!" Two of my many favorites from this author are featured here in the pictures: Fold Me a Poem,Toasting Marshmellows: Camping Poems, and the new Emma Dilemma: Big Sister Poems.

George also has a particular page that suggests 33 ways to celebrate poetry.

Brian P. Cleary - Cleary is an author of books on parts of speech, math, and, POETRY! This portion of his page is purely kid friendly, poetry playing fun.

Nikki Grimes - Author Nikki Grimes has a "Poem To Go" section on her website, where she posts things such as her inspiration behind a poem idea, or a poem started for the reader to complete.

Robert Munsch - Author Robert Munsch shares some of the poetry which he says he writes for some of the children who write him letters. How cool is that!?!

Eileen Spinelli - This author/illustrator has a portion of her website where she posts a "Poem of the Month." Perfect for shared reading activities with a whole group! I also have a signed copy of the beautifully illustrated Feathers: Poems about Birds!  

Janet Wong - Hear author Janet Wong read poetry via the audio feature by clicking on the microphone! I especially appreciate how she writes about her relationship with poetry and its power in the main text of this page.

Shel Silverstein - Classic children's poet Silverstein's clever, and often offbeat wit, is treasured by children generation after generation. Check out his website to see more of his creativeness!

Hope that these sites serve as inspiration for you! :) Enjoy!

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