Monday, August 8, 2011

"Ten for Ten" Top Picture Book Picks - Bloggers Unite Across the Country To Share!

     I was recently tapped to participate in a growing group of national children's literature bloggers! Numerous bloggers across the country are participating on Wednesday, August 10th. My blog entry will be entitled "10 for 10", where on August 10th a collection of some of my personal favorite picture books will be posted on my blog.  

     My choices will be based on newly published books that have come out since last August. They were incorporated into in my literacy coaching lessons, and I will jot some of the mini-lesson topics that can be taught with the texts. 

     Dozens upon dozens of more blogs will be participating this year, too! You'll remember once again some of the new ones that you saw yourself, or perhaps you will hear about a couple that are completely new to you. 

     You can also find me on Twitter at wmsbg301. You can see who I follow and those follow me (I keep it this account strictly professional and it is exclusively about literacy related topics.) The search subject is referred to a hashtag, so you can search "#pb10for10" to see others who are participating. 

      See you on Wednesday! I'll also have the link to the other participating blogs that you can breeze through as well. Before you know it, you'll be reminded of a heap of great picture books to share with children, and you'll certainly also be introduced to a few for the first time. Enjoy! :)

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