Monday, May 23, 2011

New App from Pioneer Valley

     Pioneer Valley Books, who is well known for their quality beginning readers, has just announced that they have a new app for the iPad! The site, Who Can Read?, is currently offering eight titles for free. There will be numerous other titles available for 99 cents per download. That is a great deal! There are screenshot samples which help to illustrate the simple format. On the home page, there are three options: my bookshelf, bookstore to buy more books, and information about levels. The levels are aligned with Guided Reading levels, which is a well known and accepted leveling system for emergent readers. We love Pioneer Valley in our school reading room, so this app is sure to be an additional fantastic way of reaching readers!  

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  1. Ms. Melzer,

    Thanks so much for helping spread the word about our iPad app. We are now offering 9 new books for 99 cents each. Of course 8 books are still available for free.

    We expect schools to be using the app in their classrooms in the new year, which is why our goal is to have all of our prints books eventually on the app. But the summer is a great time to get the app in front of students and children so they keep reading a part of their summertime activities.

    Thanks again and happy summer!