Sunday, January 16, 2011

Reading Rockets from PBS Station WETA - Fantastic Resources!

     Reading Rockets is a well-respected, in depth website from the Washington D.C.'s WETA PBS station. This website has a focus on early learners and the primary grades, and offers a wealth of information that you can link on your Edline page for parents, too. Explore some of the features I noted below to get a feel for the site if you are unfamiliar with it. Be sure to bookmark it and check out the author videos, my personal favorite! :)

Website Highlights:

  • Classroom Strategies Resources - This is a new section on the website which provides ideas and reminders on what are effective instructional strategies to apply before, during, or after reading. It also highlights whether it is directed at individuals, small groups, or whole group instruction. These components are divided within these realms of reading and writing instruction for early grade learners:
  • print awareness
  • phonological awareness
  • phonics
  • fluency
  • vocabulary
  • comprehension
  • writing

Books and Authors:

Additional technological resources through the website:
  • You can also sign up for electronic newsletters on updates from the website. It's current and updated frequently!
  • On the downloadable free guides page, you can look at the 32 page teacher's guide. It's informative!
  • You'll see two boxes called widgets on the right side of my blog from Reading Rockets that you can explore as well.

Parent Resources:
       You can find some good links for your Edline page here. 
  • Main Page for Parents
  • Parent Tips
  • There are numerous downloadable free guides that are available here. The Family Guide is available in Spanish and English together. Empowering Parents is also a great, full color pamphlet available through this page, too.

Reading Rockets Blogs:

  • Sound It Out - This blog is written by Dr. Joanne Meier and gives advice on raising readers both at home and in the classroom.

  • Page by Page - From children's literature expert Maria Salvadore, this blog highlights best book picks and how they can be used at home and in the classroom.

Other Resources on the Internet Beyond the Website Reading Rockets:

Thank-you to Reading Rockets for this fabulous resource and emphasis on involving all the influential people in a child's learning life! :)

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